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About Cary Coole

CARY W COOLE – Texas Real Estate Appraiser and Consultant

The Coole Company is a very small boutique real estate consulting and valuation firm which has been in business for almost 40 years. Not all those years were small – for several decades we had the corporate offices with multiple employees. We have been involved in almost every type of real estate as well as every type of economic and financial cycle. 

We provide our clients with years of experience and offer them a full range of valuation services and consultation. We offer all of the advantages available with the new technologies in this technological age, and we are dedicated to providing information and analysis to assist our clients.

As we state in our reports our goal is to research and extract pertinent data; organize the information in such a manner that intended users of our report can rely upon the information to make value decisions concerning the property.”

In Texas, our coverage area includes Harris, Fort Bend, Waller, Montgomery, Galveston, and Brazoria counties; but we have also been deeply involved in a wide variety of other counties … Austin, Washington, Liberty, Kendall, Dallas, Bexar, Colorado, Fayette Uvalde, Bandera, etc.   

Additionally, we have been litigation consultants, advisors and appraisers in Florida; Manhattan and the Bronx New York, North Carolina as well as other states.

Perhaps our favorite and most exotic assignment was a rain forest and research campus in Costa Rica which was the subject of a gift to a major Texas University.


At this juncture – much of the work we do involves litigation – and indeed, divorce litigation. Although we have been involved in valuing “exotic” properties … our heart lies with the more simple and complex residential and commercial properties in the Houston Metroplex.

It is important to note a misconception by some folks – that is – although we are frequently hired by or recommended by the attorneys of record – there is a mistaken impression that we are “on your side.” 

That is not the case with appraisers – (or should not be the case.) The attorneys are proponents for a litigant’s interest – the appraiser is charged with determining the market value (note: not the litigants value) and how the market would perceive the property.

Once that truth is provided to the attorneys - they can construct that information to enhance the litigant’s best interest or not ...  generally there are other issues to be determined.

At any rate there are times when the parties and the appraisers have a legitimate difference of opinion…either from the data or the interpretation of the data – but never should the value be based on advocacy.

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